About SwellSpect:

Listen To Wave data in real time all around the world!

SwellSpect is a toy data project to browse swell conditions at NOAA buoys and future predictions derived from the NOAA Wavewatch iii models.

SwellSpect gives you access to raw swell data in an interactive format. The key feature of SwellSpect is an interactive display of spectral swell data over time. Basically, SwellSpect describes the energy and direction of the waves at each period over time. SwellSpect displays ocean waves the same way an acoustic "spectrogram" displays sound waves.

Additionally, Swellspect transposes the ocean waves - which would typically be far below the range of human hearing - into frequencies that you can hear. Very long period waves (the kind that are best for surfing) are transformed into bass (low frequency) sounds. Short period waves are transformed into high frequency sounds. The result is a bizarre experience that sounds like something between extraterrestrial communications and whale songs.

Created by Jeff Knowles: about me


Visualizations are generated using Bokeh - Bokeh.pydata.org


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