Public Projects:

Kranky - Auditory Neurophysiology Experiments

Python application for presenting stimuli and controlling auditory neurophysiology experiments. Integrates with a customized version of open-ephys to control data acquisition. bitbucket

BOC - Behavior Operant Controller

Python application for controlling animal behavior experiments using embedded computers (beaglebone black) or micro-controllers (arduino, ext). bitbucket

Sensor reactive spiking neural network to drive LED light displays

A system to take data from sensors and and generate inputs into a network of leaky integrate and fire neurons that drive LED light displays. Implemented in C to run on a Beaglebone Black, while taking advantage of on-board PRU's for sensing and driving large arrays of lights. Also implemented to run on an arduino. Additional feature includes various demonstrations to demonstrate auditory computations invloved in echolocation github

Open Source kite hydrofoil

Preliminary design for an open source kite hydrofoil, implemented programmatically in openSCAD using NCAA foil shapes. bitbucket

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